Active Shooter Detection System

It is an unfortunate but all too real truth that we are faced with today, that the possibility of an active shooter situation at any public or private location is higher than ever. If you want to be ahead of the curve in terms of protecting your facility from this type of threat, look no further than our gunshot detection systems offerings. We are partnered with a cutting edge manufacturer of an automated gunshot fire detection system that will notify key personnel immediately upon a critical incident, and can be tied into any existing access control and surveillance systems to provide an instant lock down of your facility before any further damage can be done. From their site:

Safe Zone is a next generation Gunfire Detection System that Alerts authorities with critical information within seconds of a firearm discharge. While we may not be able to reliably prevent active shooters, we can minimize the loss of life associated with these kinds of events. By alerting authorities quickly with the information they need to respond to, confront and neutralize the threat, we can end these incidents sooner. Saving Minutes Saves Lives. Neutralizing the threat sooner reduces the number of casualties and allows victims to receive treatment sooner, significantly improving their chances of survival.

This simple detector, installed throughout your facility will provide realtime updates of where the shots have been fired throughout your facility, along with the type and caliber of weapon, providing critical information to first responders so they are not in the dark about the threats they may be facing.

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