Access Control


We design, sell, install, and service all types of electronic access control systems

  • Electronic Access Control systems are Secure, Convenient, and give your facilities a modern, high tech look.
  • Possible credentials for access control systems include push button code systems, bar codes, magnetic strip (Mag Stripe) cards, RFID/Prox cards, biometrics (Fingerprints/Retina Scans), key tags (key fobs), telephone control, and timed open/close/lock/unlock.
  • Systems can include a usage log, to find out who accessed an area at a given time, for tracking down perpetrators of thefts, vandalism, and other offenses
  • Systems can be configured to view access in real time, to know who is where and when
  • Multiple locations can be viewed and configured remotely, so from a single location, your entire Enterprise can be monitored
  • User credentials can be changed quickly and easily in real time, so there is never any concern of lost or stolen credentials being used to gain unauthorized access
  • Locking systems include electromechanical locks, and magnetic locks (mag locks).
  • We sell, install, design, and service all brands, Honeywell, Schlage, Locknetics, Keri Systems, GE Security, International Electronics Inc. (IEI), and more