Access Control

Electronic access control systems have become an essential part of securing any facility. Whether you have one door or hundreds, being able to control access settings with a few clicks is crucial. We are experts when it comes to helping you select the correct solution for your needs, executing that solution, and educating you in using that solution to properly secure your facility.

  • Possible credentials for access control systems include push button code systems, bar codes, magnetic strip (Mag Stripe) cards, RFID/Prox cards, biometrics (Fingerprints/Retina Scans), key tags (key fobs), telephone control, and timed open/close/lock/unlock.
  • Systems can include a usage log to find out who accessed an area at a given time, for tracking down perpetrators of thefts, vandalism, and other offenses. This combined with an integrated video system can provide you with all the evidence you need to pursue a suspect.
  • Systems can be configured to track an individual in real time, to know who is where and when.
  • Multiple locations can be viewed and configured remotely, so from a single location, your entire enterprise can be monitored. This is even possible through your smartphone.
  • User credentials can be changed quickly and easily in real time, so there is never any concern of lost or stolen credentials being used to gain unauthorized access.
  • Locking systems include electromechanical locks, and magnetic locks.
  • We sell, install, design, and service all major brands and systems of all sizes.