Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) is a suite of technologies that are made to provide protection against terroristic threats in areas of significance that are at high risk for such attacks. These systems have become a critical form of protection in such areas as: government buildings, airports, large railway stations, sports venues, concentrations of entertainment, etc. Additionally, HVM systems are an essential component for any facility that contains critical assets that must be kept safe from intruders, such as: nuclear sites, data centers, car dealerships/rental lots, etc.

IAL Total Security is a certified installer of HySecurity crash barrier systems, which include wedge barriers, above ground anti ram arm barriers, retractable in ground bollards and more. We specialize in the installation of their real world crash rated engineered systems to prevent penetration of intruders to any level that your specific installation requires. We can also provide an assessment of your entry points to aid in selecting the proper solution.

Certified Installation Partner