Video Surveillance Systems

The network based video surveillance market is one of the fastest growing industries, with new technologies being implemented everyday. We are the professionals when it comes to deploying IP surveillance systems of all sizes, from residential recorders to enterprise level VMS server solutions that integrate with access control and more. We are also well versed in servicing and installing HD analog systems, so we can even utilize existing cabling infrastructure to provide modern, high resolution cameras for your property.

VMS Servers

For large systems, we deploy a high performance server based solution that has enough power to efficiently stream, archive and review high resolution video. We use a wide variety of camera styles available in resolutions up to 30 MP. We pair this with redundant storage servers to archive footage for as much time as required. With the use of technologies such as laser focusing, thermal imaging, infrared night vision, radar detection and more, we can accurately protect your locations while minimizing false alarm scenarios. Software analytics will allow you detect unusual activity, count people, read license plates and so much more. All of this is conveniently tied together in one customizable management platform to unify your video surveillance solution.

NVR Appliances

For small to medium sized systems up to 32 cameras, we offer a network video recorder appliance that enables you to locally review your cameras on a monitor or PC, as well as remotely review your cameras from any internet capable device, wherever you may be in the world! We offer onsite storage within the NVR to backup your footage for months if need be, or cloud based recording for advanced security that is available per camera for a low monthly cost. Ask about a demo to see just how high the picture quality is on our system.

HD Analog?

For existing installations, the biggest challenge and cost associated with upgrading can be new cabling. With the HD over analog technology we use, this is no longer an issue. Now, you can get HD resolution from your existing analog wiring infrastructure, simply by switching out the recorder and the camera hardware.