Safes And Service


We sell, install, and service all types of safes

  • Fire rated safes can keep your documents and valuables protected for up to two hours at 1850 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Our safes can be bolted to the ground for increased theft prevention and deterrence
  • We offer high security safes with independent tamper triggered safety bolts, which will trip if someone attempts to to drill or otherwise damage the safe to open it
  • We offer covert and discreet safes, so you can hide your valuables in plain sight, inside an unsuspecting, ordinary looking object which is actually a high security and/or fire rated safe!
  • We have wall safes, gun safes, commercial safes, media safes, floor safes, depository safes, economical safes, fire safes, lock boxes and more!
  • Lost your key or combination? Don’t panic, our professional technicians will come to your location or you can bring it to our shop, either way, we can often open your safe with little or no damage!
  • Need your combination or key changed? Come to us or we’ll come to you, either way you’ll get top notch expert service to change your key or combination

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