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Transponder Keys Duplicated


  • Transponder Keys are becoming more and more common in modern automotives
  • They provide added security to prevent auto theft, by requiring a radio frequency transmission as well as the traditional mechanical key for the key to start
  • Hardware stores and lower end locksmiths cannot copy these, you need a Professional Locksmith Shop like
    IAL Total Security to get yours duplicated
  • If your car, truck, van, or SUV has one of these keys, get it copied today before you lose it!
  • Locked out of your car?
  • Don’t break your window! Glass is expensive, and service to replace it is even more expensive!
  • Don’t think breaking the little window is cheap, it actually costs more!
  • Call us and we’ll be there in no time to get you back on the road, without the mess of broken glass.

And That’s Not All!

  • Keys lost or stolen? We can Re-Key your locks/ignition so you can sleep easy knowing the old key won’t open/start your car!
  • Gas prices are going back up! Get a locking gas cap today and stop those crooks!
  • Keys worn down? We can impression a new key that will open your existing locks!
  • We service all makes, models, and years of Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUV’s, Even Boats!