High Security Locks

Don’t waste your money on cheap locks, at least not if you want any real security, watch this video to find out why!


  • MUL-T-LOCK High Security Locks Are Amongst The Finest and Most Secure In The Industry
  • The “Pin-In-Pin” Design makes them nearly impossible to pick, and they cannot be “Bumped”
  • The Unique key design cannot be copied manually, with each lock a card is provided with a code, so even if an employee or guest holds your key, they cannot have it copied without the card, which would remain secure in the owners possession.
  • These High Security Cylinders use hardened metals at key points to prevent drilling.
  • All Mul-T-Lock products comply with the toughest international standards, including ISO 9001:2000, UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC and A2P
  • Several different models are available to meet your security requirements and budget



  • Medeco High Security Locks are amongst the highest quality in the industry
  • The unique design requires the pins to move not only up and down like typical locks, but also left and right, making them nearly impossible to pick, and they cannot be “Bumped”
  • Hardened Metals in important parts of the lock cylinder help prevent drilling attacks

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  • The Schlage Everest Primus Series of High Security Locks are Amongst The Finest and Most Secure in the Industry
  • The Unique Keyway Design has cuts in both the top of the key and along the side
  • Key blanks can only be stocked and purchased by commercial locksmiths, preventing discreet copying by employees or guests
  • Unique Restricted keyways can be purchase, preventing keys from being copied even by commercial locksmiths
  • The high security design helps prevent picking or bumping